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A001: 上海瑞珑汽车科技股份有限公司
Shanghai Fodragon Automotive Technology co.,ltd
As a hi-tech enterprise in Shanghai,Shanghai Fodragon Automotive Technology Corporation Limited specializes in styling,engineering,model for verification and show car construction,giving a full-set professional service to auto research.The company’s customers cover almost all chinese famous car manufacturers and auto component makers, including SAIC, FAW, CCAG, JAC, Greely, Chery, Delphi, Yanfeng Visteon, etc.
FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai)Co. Ltd
Since the company's foundation, FORUM8 have been providing software service that support civil engineering and architectural/structural design. Our recent development in Virtual Reality software has led to many new applications especially those in traffic and automobile research. In fact, FORUM8's VR technology is being utilized in those researches and indeed just about any type of project.
Since year 2000, we have been continuously enhancing our premier 3D VR software UC-win/Road and three dimensional analysis program UC-win/FRAME (3D). In 2002 UC-win/Road was chosen for the Software Product of the Year 2002 award. Since the evaluation on our development for these new products and new technology is notably high from outside of the company, we even received an aid fund from Ministry of Economy for consigned development and NEDO. Moreover, technical service for our software and integration work with our software as a core such as driving simulator, are making further growth and improvements. Our recent success include being picked by the Chinese Traffic and Transport Department through international tender as the only successful candidate capable of delivering a large driving simulator that meets their criteria, and receiving an order of driving simulator designed for high level research from Kyushu University and Kyoto University not to mention the huge order of a very large driving simulator from the aforementioned department.
A003: 西游骑物(上海)网络技术有限公司
企业愿景:全球智能助力单车领跑者;企业使命:让出行更轻松;企业价值观:执着 创新 乐观 共享;
Brand Origin: In the midst of the 2016 bike-share craze in China, Cyou Bike CEO Steven identified a critical issue facing consumers in the market: physical fatigue. 
Company Vision:Global Smart Bike Leader
Company Mission:To make travelling and/or going out easier
Company Values:Determination, Innovation, Optimism, Communion
Our team combines experiences from companies like Haier, Alibaba, Fujitech, Microsoft to create a strong company profile with diverse industry expertise
Hangzhou YunMake Technology co.,LTD
Innomake, an innovative technology company focusing on the field of smart travel, was formally established in 2013. It has received strategic investment from the world’s top 500 companies such as Qualcomm and Foxconn, as well as tens of millions of investment from the mainstream venture capitals such as Shunwei, Zhen Fund in A+ rounds .
A005: 北京途歌科技有限公司
北京途歌科技有限公司(软件TOGO APP),TOGO途歌是一款让出行更有型的APP,国内首家引导生活方式的汽车共享出行平台。
A006: 易微行(北京)科技有限公司
Yiweixing(Beijing)Technology Co.,Ltd
Yiweixing are a leading car sharing technology provider in China. Up to Jun.2017, we have served more than 320 car leasing enterprises, vehicle manufacturers and government fleet usage reform initiatives.
DParking (Beijing Tongyudao technology Co., Ltd)
   DParking, accurate to the management of parking spots Intelligent Hardware --- the Realization of Spots-Networking Shared Economy --- the Revitalization of Idle Resources App+Cloud --- the Dimensional Management of Parking Spots
Shengxinbao Car
  Shengxinbao Car was established in  Chongqing in October 2014, until now the company has completed three rounds of financing. More than 80,000 businesses companies have registered in the platform of Shengxinbao Technology. users are covering nearly 2,000 county towns. The company is committed to create a secure transaction platform which could provide services about new car for nationwide car dealers with automobile trading, logistics, finance and others.
A009: 上海宜目汽车技术有限公司
Shanghai IMSmart Automotive Technology Co., Ltd
  IMSmart is one start-up company dedicated to intelligent vehicle technology. The company mainly focuses on the development and integration of autonomous technology & intelligent driving technology based on machine vision, and has breakthrough innovation in several active security technologies.
Yaweisi (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
As an incubator coped with AWS, DT Matrix offers free AWS credits within the range of 5,000 to 15,000 USD. What’s more, we also provide complete management system, legal filing, accounting process and selection procedure to help start-ups with every aspects they concern and care about.
Eyecloud Information Technology Ltd.
Beijing Yi Line Technology Co.Ltd
Beijing Yijie Technology Co., Ltd. main products include vehicle trading, vehicle operations, vehicle monitoring three lines of business, focusing on creating "all-round, intelligent, platform, large data" car network integrated service platform, hardware and software support, The company for the car manufacturers, auto finance companies, enterprises and institutions, car rental companies to provide car networking technology services; developed the ERP system, the car should be the first of its kind in the field of automobile circulation operation, build a new ecological industry chain of people, car, technology and financial interconnection. Company for car manufacturers, auto finance companies, enterprises and institutions, car rental companies to provide car networking technology services.The company developed the ERP system, cheyiping, cheyizu,cheyipai,cheyihuan,yilutongxing ,GPS locator and other full range of products
Shanghai Tao Lu Technology Co.Ltd
  U-bicycle is an urban bike-sharing platform for solving short distance commuting needs while delivering a better riding experience. 
  With the use of our APP or WECHAT, users can locate and return the bicycle at their convenience, it is simple, more efficient and environmentally friendly.
Baojia trip (beijing) technology co.,ltd
  Baojia trip is the first Internet sharing automotive timeshare rental travel service trading platform, but also the first domestic fourth car sharing cloud platform. Baojia trip was founded in March 2014, the mobile Internet technology has been developed for fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, public bicycles, electric bicycles and motorcycles and other public sharing all kinds of self driving scenarios of transportation travel products and services based on, is committed to building the country's largest mobile intelligent car sharing network.
Shanghai Tianfeng Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Tianfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai, which has flourishing development of science and technology and is honored as Oriental Pearl of China. Toffon focuses on R&D and producing lyophilizers, water chillers, ultra low temperature refrigerators, chromatography experiments freezers, constant temperature slots and other refrigeration equipment, and providing integrated solutions for the production lines of freeze drying requirement of chemical, foods and other industries.
Plex-VR Digital Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  Plex’s VR solution has wide applicatons in the following industries including digital entertainment (Internet, video, film), real estate (home design, interior decoration, virtual house inspection), education (remote or online courses), medical (remote diagnose, operation surveillance, adjuvant therapy) and tourism.
Shanghai Juhong Technologies Co., Ltd.
中国领先的出行信息服务提供商,以“提供高效的出行信息服务,让人们的出行更便捷”为使命。总部位于北京,隶属于中国航天科技集团公司,依托中国四维测绘技术总公司、北京四维图新科技股份有限公司的优势资源开展业务。作为中国领先的出行信息服务提供商,2008年最早实现全国商用服务,拥有来自互联网、企业、行业的海量多源数据,构建了全国最大的实时交通信息服务中心及交通大数据分析平台。目前,高品质出行信息服务覆盖全国300+城市及高速公路,并积极拓展海外市场, 拥有丰田、日产、宝马、奔驰、大众、通用、本田、上汽、一汽、c东风、雷克萨斯、英菲尼迪、讴歌、宾利、西亚特、斯柯达、电装、先锋、阿尔派、博世、哈曼、腾讯地图、搜狗地图、百度地图、谷歌地图、360地图、中国移动、中国,电信等众多关键客户及合作伙伴,世纪高通丰富、精准的实时路况、事件、预测、停车场、天气、航班、综合换乘等高品质出行信息每天服务于亿万用户。拥有完整、可靠的服务运营体系,通过完备的VOMS 监控系统,实现7x24h全自动监控和报警,服务品质遵循国际最严格的质量标准。此外,在交通信息标准和技术领域始终保持领先,它是交通信息RTIC国家标准的发起单位,并于2012年率先在中国实现国际IP-TPEG标准的高端商用服务。拥有数十项核心技术专利,曾出色完成2008年北京奥运会、2010年上海世博会动态交通信息服务保障任务,并承担国家发改委“全国动态导航与交通综合信息服务平台高技术产业化项目”,所提供的服务被国家领导人赞誉为“数字生态工程”。
Shanghai Master Tech Co.,Ltd
We are committed to the construction of data recovery, data backup, cloud terminal and related consulting services. The solution provided by meihui technology is devoted to the construction and maintenance of customers' information security platform. The core business of meihui focuses on data recovery and data backup, and tries to provide customers with the latest, best and safest information system services to become the patron saint of user safety.
1. 哪个时间段乘车的人多,即哪个时间段最赚钱,这有利于公司在该时间段投入更多的运力。
4. 途径客流分析,便于广告投放。 
A034: 上海咔酷咔新能源科技有限公司
Shanghai Kakuka New Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Kakuka New Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd.is a high-tech company established under the support of“Overseas leading talent program”in Yangpu district.The company relies on the key laboratory of the power college and the state key engineering laboratory of the new energy vehicle of Tongji university.It is based on new energy vehicle charging pile industry,building high quality charging pile products,providing comprehensive gold medal service.
A035: 径卫视觉科技(上海)有限公司
Roadefend Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Shanghai ChiYun Information Technology Co.Ltd
ChiYun Information(CHICC),established in 2012, specializes in the development, manufacture, computer software and Big data services, provide users with a wide range of products and services. Vehicle Research (VR),  based on Automobile engineering and IT integration, research and development big data and AI technology and products.
Shanghai Inn-Mag New Energy Ltd.
  Shanghai Inn-Mag New Energy Ltd, a high-tech enterprise, is set up and leaded by a young doctor who has got his doctor's degree from University of Cambridge, UK and his bachelor's degree from Xi'an Jiaotong University,  China. Also, the founder of the company is a member of thousand Talents Program of Shanghai.Our company focuses on designing, manufacturing and high performance sale electrical motors that are applied in the area of new energy.
Shanghai Jitong information technology Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Jitong information technology Co.,LTD founded by a number of senior experts in wisdom city and intelligent transportation field, it’s located in the combination of production and research, based on big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, Specialized in software development, information system integration, high-tech r&d and technical consulting services in smart city and intelligent transportation.
Shanghai kingsky IOT technology Co.Ltd.
Kingsky-iot is located yangpu national innovation demonstration areas, adjacent to fudan and tongji university. We have close cooperation with universities and research institute. Sole partnership with ITS research center for shanghai industrial technology institute.
We are concentrated on vechicle network and internet of things. Based on independent research and development and innovation, integrated biedou/GPS, CAN/OBD technology offers a variety of industry vehicle overall management solutions. To provide users with high quality and reliable vehicle management, location services, application services. With strong technology and rich experience, for the user to achieve lower operating costs, improve the level of service management, enhance enterprise competitiveness and so on.
Shanghai IES Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
Shanghai IES Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.was dedicated to the study on the research of traffic intelligence by means of informatization. In particular, outtstanding research results were achieved in the fields of Free Card Charging System, Full Video Vehicle Guidance and Locating System, In-field Parking Guidance System,Intellingent Intemet of Thing Remote Parking Lot Lock Colony Management and Colony Management and Control System,Urban Intelligent Parking System and Vehicle Road Prking Management System.
Founded in 2010 and growing with Chinese New Energy Vehicle(NEV) industry, Shanghai Zhida Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech intelligent hardware and internet enterprise focused on Green Travel. In the past 6 years, via R&D and manufacture of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment(EVSE) and intelligent hardware of connected Vehicles, via the nationwide open-source platform of Green Travel (including collected EV and EVSE covering more than 100 cities in China), Zhida has contributed a lot to Green Travel . Moreover, Zhida has collaborated with various EV OEMs. Dozens of thousands users have taken the leading in using the EVs under the support of Zhida. 
Pand-Auto is committed to becoming the world's leading new energy and intelligent travel platform, and provides new intelligent experience through the "car network", "energy internet", and "mobile internet". Since Pand-Auto has been operating on November 11, 2015, it has expanded Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou and other cities. Pand-Auto establishes the leading edge by its operating data, which is leading the entire new energy car-sharing industry.
小唛•疲劳态智能管理指环 由北京汇生聚成科技有限公司联合新华网融媒体未来研究院共同研发,针对疲劳态的主动监测专利技术Mricofeel 成功问世。
Mricofeel 通过对不同疲劳状态皮肤电阻的准确监测,配合相应算法,可准确判断佩戴者自身的各个疲劳阶段。
B006:ofo小黄车 (东峽大通(北京)管理咨询有限公司)
ofo小黄车是全球第一个无桩共享单车出行平台,首创“无桩单车共享”模式。用户只需在App扫码或输入车牌号,即可获得密码解锁用车,随取随用,随时随地,也可以共享自己的单车到 ofo 共享平台,获得所有 ofo 共享单车的终身免费使用权,以1换N。作为共享单车的原创者和领骑者,自2015年6月启动以来,ofo已在全球连接了超过650万辆共享单车,日订单超2500万,为全球6个国家,超150座城市上亿用户提供了超20亿次高效便捷、绿色低碳的出行服务。ofo也已成为全球最大的、估值最高的共享单车平台。ofo不生产自行车,只连接自行车,让人们在全世界的每一个角落都可以通过 ofo 解锁自行车,满足短途代步的需求。
Founded in 2015, ofo is the world’s first “station-free” bike-sharing platform operated via an online mobile application. The development of ofo platform was inspired by the concept of sharing economy and facilitated by smartphone technology, aiming at tackling “the last mile” challenge in urban areas. 
ofo’s bike-sharing system requires no docking stations, providing significant flexibility for users to find and return bikes anywhere anytime. More profoundly, as more people switch to ofo bikes as their major travel method, ofo’s social influence on environmental protection, urban development and green and healthy living becomes more eminent. 
ofo is created for sharing and aims at unlocking every corner of the world by making bikes accessible to everyone. As of today, ofo has successfully connected more than 6.5 million bikes in 150 cities in over five countries, been generating more than 25 million daily transactions and provided 2 billion times of efficient, convenient and green services. By July 2017, ofo has completed Series E funding of over US$700 million, becoming the world’s biggest and most valued bike-sharing company.
C001: 上海蔚来汽车有限公司
Founded in November 2014, NIO is a global start-up with world-class research and development, design, and manufacturing centers in Shanghai, San Jose, Munich, London and nine other locations. More than 2500 talents from nearly 40 countries around the world are working in the 13 locations.
Bosch (China) Investment Ltd.
THE BOSCH GROUP, a leading global supplier of technology and services, was set up in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861–1942). Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. As a leading IoT company, Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility, and connected manufacturing.
C003: 北京魔门塔科技有限公司
  Momenta is building the “brains” for autonomous vehicles. Our deep-learning based software in perception, HD semantic mapping, and data-driven path planning enables the realization of full autonomy. Momenta offers multi-level autonomous driving solutions as well as big data products and services.
China Mobile Communications Corporation
  As the leading telecommunications services provider in Mainland China, the Group provides full communications services in all 31 provinces, autonomous regions and directly-administered municipalities throughout Mainland China and in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and boasts the world's largest mobile network and the world's largest mobile customer base. Its businesses primarily consist of mobile voice and data business, wireline broadband and other information and communications services.
Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co.,Ltd.
上海安吉星是由通用汽车、上汽集团和上汽通用于2009年10月28日共同出资组建, 为上汽通用在华制造、生产和销售的凯迪拉克、别克和雪佛兰系列车型提供安全、智能、便捷、互联和人性化的车联网服务。
Shanghai OnStar is a joint venture officially established by GM, SAIC and SAIC-GM on 28th Oct, 2009. Shanghai OnStar is providing smart, secure, convenient, connected and easy-to-use telematics services for select Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet models manufactured, produced and sold in China.
C006: 保定哈弗汽车销售有限公司(长城)
Baoding Haval Auto Sales Company limited
  Great Wall Motor Company Limited is China’s largest SUV and pickup manufacturer. We were listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003 and the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2011. By the end of 2016, our assets had amounted to 92.309billion yuan. Now Great Wall Motors owns three brands—Haval, Great Wall and WEY, which covers three categories: SUV, passenger car and pickup.. With over 40 holding subsidiaries, more than 70,000 employees, four vehicle manufacturing bases, we have developed the independent matching capacity of core parts such as engine and transmission.
C010: 上海国际汽车城(集团)有限公司
Shanghai International Automobile City
In June 2001, the Shanghai Municipal Government took the decision to create the Shanghai International Automobile City (referred to as SIAC) in Anting town, Jiading district. The planned area covers 100 square kilometers and the investment is expected to reach 80 billion RMB. SIAC has functional areas such as automobile R&D, manufacturing, trade, cultural expo and education. The focus is on pillar automobile industries such as whole car manufacturing and vehicle parts and components. The emerging industries in SIAC include new energy vehicles R&D and manufacturing, automobile finance, and healthcare. Its vision is to create the future of mobility, build a livable city with a powerful innovative industry and automobile cultural and become the commanding heights of China auto industry. SIAC will has its place in the world.
领克品牌是欧洲技术、欧洲设计、全球制造、全球销售的高端汽车品牌, 具有与生俱来的全球化基因,为个性、开放的都市年轻人群打造。
领克品牌基于全新中级车基础模块架构CMA(英文全称Compact Modular Architecture)建立。CMA由沃尔沃汽车主导、吉利汽车与沃尔沃汽车联合开发,具有高度灵活性和延展性,可以适用于多种车身形式和尺寸,兼容汽油发动机、新能源动力在内的多种动力系统,并具有行业领先的智能化、车联网以及自动驾驶领域的技术能力,其超前的互联技术可实现了车辆分享的技术布局;其主被动安全技术将达到全球最严苛的技术及法规标准。CMA架构为领克在全球开创领先的竞争优势奠定了坚实的基础。
Lynk & Co is a global high-end brand with European technology and European design, which manufactured and sold worldwide. With inherent globalization DNA, it is created for urban young people with individualities and open thoughts.
Lynk & Co is established on the basis of brand new CMA (Compact Modular Architecture). The development of CMA was led by Volvo and jointly developed by Volvo and Geely. With incredible flexibility and versatility, it can be applied to various car body types, dimensions and compatible with different power systems including gasoline engines and new energy powertrain. With leading intelligence, connectivity and automatic drive capability, its advanced connectivity technique can realize automobile sharing. In addition, its active and passive safety technologies meet the most stringent safety test standards in the world. Therefore, the CMA has established advancement of technologies and product competitiveness for LYNK & CO in future market competitions.
Lynk & Co 01 is the first model on the basis of CMA. It is a mid-class SUV with impressive design,leading technology and world-class quality.
C022: 北京智行者科技有限公司
Beijing Idriverplus Technology Co. Ltd, which is founded in 2015, dynamic decision-making of control system, focusing on the field of developing the "brain" of the intelligent driving vehicle. The company owns a professional team in the fields of automobiles, electronics, Internet, artificial intelligence, manufacturing etc. And our ambition is to become the first-class worldwide smart-car solution supplier.
Suzhou Anzhi Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd
  Anzhi Automotive, the leader of driver assistance system in China, focus on 77GHz radar and multi-purpose camera sensor, aims to developing driver assistance system which know better about Chinese complex traffic situation. The system has been integrated to COEM vehicle platform, and also finished the application, the performance is completely benchmarked similar products developed by international parts suppliers.
ZHICHEAUTO  technology co., LTD
  智车优行科技有限公司是一家创新型互联网公司,成立于2014年12月。 公司业务范围涵盖了新能源汽车、智能汽车系统、基于大数据与云计算的车联网服务和解决方案、创新技术产品的投资等。
  ZHICHEAUTO technology co., LTD. Is an innovative Internet company founded in December 2014. The company's business scope covers new energy vehicles, intelligent vehicle systems, internet-based services and solutions based on big data and cloud computing, and investment in innovative technology products.
Mobileye Automotive Product & Service (Shanghai) Company Ltd.
Mobileye N.V.是提供基于视觉系统分析和数据处理研发高级驾驶辅助系统和自动驾驶解决方案的全球先行者。
Mobileye的芯片产品EyeQ® 是一款嵌入在利用图像处理的智能芯片,可以实现高级驾驶辅助的技术,如:对于车辆及行人的紧急制动、车道保持、自适应巡航、交通标志识别等等。
Mobileye N.V. is the global leader in the development of vision and data analysis for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous driving.
Mobileye’s software-on-chip product called EyeQ® is the intelligence within cameras that enables Driver-Assist technology like Automatic Emergency Braking for Vehicles and Pedestrians, Lane Keeping and Support, Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Sign.
Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
  RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) is the world leading LiDAR Company with registered capital of RMB10 million. The company is striving to deliver the world with cutting edge robotic perception solutions which can perfectly integrate premium LiDAR hardware, 3D data processing algorithms, and deep learning technology. Through constant technology innovation, the company has made possible for robots to “see” the world with excellent environment perception capability.
Registered in 2014, RoboSense is founded by a group of PhDs from Harbin Institute of Technology who have been working on LiDAR technology for more than 7 years. Over the past 3 years of commercialization, RoboSense, centered around LiDAR environment Perception technology has set up a complete operation system integrating R&D, Production and Marketing.
Besides a R&D center with Operation team headquartered in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, the company has offices in Beijing and Silicon Valley. Until April, 2017, the employee base of the company has exceed 100 people (production employee excluded) with more than 60% are Postgraduates and PhDs. For a long time, the company has maintained cooperation with world class educational and research institutes including MIT, Tsinghua, and HIT on talent sourcing and academic exchanges.
Changan Automobile
  Changan Automobile has a history of 155 years in manufacturing and 34 years in auto-making. It has 19 production bases and 36 vehicle and engine plants globally, sells 1430 thousand vehicles from Jan to Jun in 2017. As one of the top 4 Chinese automobile group enterprises and the largest Chinese brand automobile enterprise, Changan is the first automobile enterprise with production and sales over one million of Chinese brand passenger cars.
C045: 上海腾远汽车租赁服务有限公司(飞路巴士)
Shanghai Deer EV rental service Co.,Ltd.
飞路以行业领先的“畅GO 4.0”智能互联平台保障体系,服务于星级酒店、高端商旅、会展活动、一流园区、优质企业以及都市白领精英,提供星级专业、共享互联、绿色智能的定制班车、共享巴士、星级专车、自驾长租、共享用车服务。全部采用全新高端新能源营运车辆,超值、优质、节约。
Deerbus provides Shuttle bus service, Special bus service, Limousine Service, and Car rental service for hotel, park, enterprises and urbanites. And the particularity of Deerbus lies in professional, using green new energy vehicles, and shared in the "Carefree GO 4.0", which is a smart and connected platform and support system based on internet. Because of that, Deerbus is super value, high quality and economy. Welcome contact us anytime.