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    出门问问是市场上一家拥有自主语音识别、语义分析、垂直搜索技术的人工智能公司; 2015年,被Google投资,这是谷歌公司过去6年在中国的首次投资。从2012年公司成立至今,出门问问累计获得融资额达到7500万美金,2015年10月,公司市值已达3亿美金。

2015年9月,出门问问成为Google Android Wear语音搜索战略伙伴,2016年1月,出门问问与Google达成智能手表应用市场的官方合作,“问问应用商店”成为Android Wear官方合作伙伴。2014年,发布了全球首款中文智能手表操作系统Ticwear后Ticwear, 2015年6月, 推出智能手表Ticwatch, 成为中国智能手表翘楚品牌。2016年6月,出门问问推出车载智能硬件问问魔镜Ticmirror和问问魔眼Ticeye。


Ticmirror is Mobvoi’s second software&hardware integrated product. The market of rear-view mirror in China is growing rapidly, but Ticmirror is different from common smart rear-view mirrors.

Leveraging Mobvoi’s core AI technologies, Ticmirror can boast powerful interaction capacity. Ticmirror supports both voice and gesture control. Its extra-large screen and buttons maintain driving security while making operation and control easier.

In addition to being car driving recorder and rear-view mirror, Ticmirror has the functions of making/answering telephone calls, picking up a friend, voice navigation, WeChat interaction, entertainment in the car and remote monitoring. Drivers can enjoy more service by OTA online upgrade in the future.


Ticeye is a spare part for Ticmirror, and its core technologies are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. With an independent 44° professional lens, ADAS processing chip, and powerful hardware configuration of OBD and GPS, Ticeye can well perform front car collision warnings and lane deviation reminders, especially while used in combination with the technology of WDR. Double warnings of voice alarm and hidden LED breathing light alarm, as a kind of original method for reminding, make Ticeye warn independently, timely and reliably.

About Mobvoi

Mobvoi is an innovative AI company with in-house Chinese voice search technologies: speech recognition, natural language under-standing, vertical search and proactive search. In October 2015, Mobvoi closed series-C round financing led by Google Inc. This was Google’s first direct investment in a Chinese company in the past six years. Since founded in late 2012, the company has raised over $75 million with a valuation of $300 million as of October 2015.